pizza menu

All of our pizza bases are about 12″ & made of sourdough

Margherita… £8.00
Rich tomato & basil sauce, mozzarella (v)

Garlic Margherita… £9.00
Rich garlic tomato & basil sauce, mozzarella (v)

Pepperoni… £9.50
Italian pepperoni

Vanpizza feast… £10.00
Italian pepperoni, Italian ham, chorizo

Sizzler… £9.00
Cumberland sausage, red onions, chilli oil

Spicy devil…£10.00
Chilli beef, red onions, jalapenos

Hawaiian… £9.00
Italian ham, pineapple

Vegetariana… £9.00
Mushrooms, red peppers, spinach (v)

Vegan… £10.00
Olives, mushrooms, red onions, spinach, vegan cheese (V)


extra topping  £1.00

gluten free base and vegan cheese £2.00 each

If you have any food allergies please let us know